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Refer and Make Money.

With our referral reward system, you can earn as much as $1,300 in a month effortlessly.


For Index Classic referral you will earn $20
For Index Premium referral you will earn $40
You will get 10% commission on your referral 1st payout. ($72 - $144)
Refer 17 people in a month & receive $180 cash bonus.
After first your 10 referral purchase, you will start receiving 5% recurring commission on your downline renewals.

How it works

(1) Sign up & get your referral code/link

Sign up on the website to access our traders portal, click on "referral" to get your unique referral code & referral link.

This unique referral code or link will be used for all your referrals.

(2) Referral Bonus

For every trader you refer we will pay you a commission based on their choice of subscription.
If their subscription is Index Classic, we will pay you $20.
If their subscription is Index Premium, we will pay you $40.

(3) Cash Bonus

For every 17 people you refer in one calendar month, you will be given a $180 additional cash bonus or 1 free fully funded Index Classic trading account based on your choice.

(4) Recurring Bonus

After your first 10 referral purchases, you will start receiving 5% recurring commission on everyone you have referred when they renew their subscription.

(5) 10% Payout Bonus

Receive 10% from your down line (some you refer) first payout. For example, If you refer a friend and he/she sign up for our Index Premium account and the trader hit a withdrawal target of 4% on their account with payout of $1,440 you will receive $144 automatically credited into your wallet.

NOTE: This is applicable to first payout only.

Referral FAQ

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