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How does it work?

We provide fully funded real accounts for forex traders between $30,000 (Index Classic) and $60,000 (Index Premium). No evaluation, No Demos, No hidden cost, No time frame targets or challenges.

Our innovative subscription-based trading platform designed to help the best forex traders rise to the top in the FX spot market.

Get Funded with our capital, trade and receive 60% profit share on all withdrawals, we cover the losses hence, Zero loss liability on your side. Just subscribe, trade and get paid.

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Why We Are Different.

No demo challenges

We don't offer demo accounts.

No evaluation

There is no evaluation process.

No daily targets

We don't give daily targets

No deadline

We don't mess with your trading Psychology

We provide real funding.

Trade live account with our capital

Trade with peace of mind

We allow you trade your strategy.

45 days / 1 Year uninterrupted trading

45 days before renewal or 1 year trading without renewals.

Fast payouts

Swift Payout with our automated advance payout solution.
($720 - $2,400/single payout per account)

Daily instant withdrawal

We provide daily instant withdrawal on MT4/MT5 via our trader portal.

Get Funded With Our Capital

Join the world’s most successful traders now with our premium instant funding and make a decent living while trading real account with peace of mind.

Simply subscribe, start trading and earn higher and higher payouts as you progress toward myFXindex Fund Executive Trader status with $300,000 behind you.

How to get Started

Get Started in just 3 easy steps.



Choose your subscription, configure trading account parameters & make payment.



Go through our onboarding process & live capturing for compliance & verification.


Start Trading

Start trading without fear of unlimited personal loss! MT4/MT5 based on your configuration.

Get Funded With Our Capital

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